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Brush 5525 - 2018 Ford F550 - This is our Medical / Brush truck. It holds 400 gallons of water with the ability to mix in foam, and hand tools for fighting wildland fires. It also carries all our medical equipment for medical calls.

Engine 1 is a 2009 Pierce Contender with a 1,000 gallon tank, a 1,250 GPM pump, a 65 gallon Class A foam tank, and a 35 gallon Class B foam tank. 

5527 side.jpg

2006 Ford F550 Brush Truck.  Automatic transmission, 4 wheel drive, manual locking hubs, 400 gallon water tank, two side hoses and a 100 foot hose roll, wildland tools

5512 side pic.jpg

1994 Chevrolet Kodiak Tanker; automatic, two wheel drive, 1500 gallon tank, portable drop tank, two SCBA's with 4 spare SCBA tanks, and two attack lines.

5530 side.jpg

1990 GMC Mini Pumper (Attack) Truck; 4 speed manual transmission, 4 wheel drive, auto locking hubs, 350 gallon water tank, generator, and extrication tools.  It is also set up as a light hazmat vehicle.

5535 side pic.jpg
1991 Ford F800 Rescue Truck, automatic transmission, two wheel drive, 400 gallon water tank, cascade air resupply, generator, 100 foot hose reel, extrication equipment, and winch.

Retired Apparatus

5531 is a 1959 Chevrolet tanker manufactured by Simms Fire Equipment Co. in San Antonio, Texas.  It has a 283 cubic inch V8 gasoline engine, 3-speed manual transmission, and a split rear end.  The GVWR is 19,500 pounds with a 1,000 gallon tank capacity.  The pump capacity is unknown, but it is a positive displacement gear pump with two suction inlets, one discharge, two pre-connects, and a dump valve at the rear of the truck.  It was sold to a private owner in August of 2011 and he intended to keep using it as a tanker truck to haul water across his ranch.

5510 is a 1984 American LaFrance pumper with a 1000 GPM 2 stage pump, 750 gallon tank, Chevrolet V8 gasoline engine, 5-speed manual transmission, vacuum assisted hydraulic brakes, and a GVWR of 28,000 pounds.  It was sold to Austwell VFD in February of 2010 and they intended to keep utilizing it as a fire apparatus

5529 is a 1967 Kaiser Jeep (M715) brush fire truck; it has a straight 6 gasoline engine, a 4-speed manual transmission, 4 wheel drive, auto locking hubs, and a 250 gallon water tank.  It was sold on May 9, 2009 to a private owner that intends to keep it in original condition. 

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